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The Middle East travel guide encompasses a range of countries including Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. The region has a rich history and has played a vital role in world affairs. Civilization in the Middle East dates back to ancient times when many countries in the Middle East were wealthy and powerful.

The Middle East is the birth place of many significant religions including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The religious history is reflected by an abundance of religious sights and many pilgrims travel to the region. The political climate in the Middle East is often tense. There is a range of breathtaking natural wonders including lakes, sand dunes, deserts and mountains. The people are known for their hospitality and kindness. The Middle East blends ancient ideas with modern concepts to create fascinating cities.


The Middle East has an arid climate with high temperatures. Rivers provide water for farming in some regions.


The Middle East's rich history means that there are many sites of interest to tourists such as the ruins of great historical cities include Petra and Baalbek. Petra is located in Jordan while Baalbek is located in Lebanon. The Imam Mosque in Iran is a remarkable site. In Iran there is also a city made from clay that is called Yazd. The Dead Sea is famous around the world and it is found in the Middle East. Shiban is worth a visit as it is a building constructed from mud during the 16th century.


Some countries in the Middle East such as the Gaza strip are war areas and should be avoided. Countries such as Saudi Arabia do not allow tourists into their countries. In the Middle East (and United Arab Emirates) there are countries that follow Islamic Law and these laws should be heeded when visiting the country. Men and women should dress respectfully, making sure that they are well covered. Public displays of affection are not acceptable within many Middle Eastern societies and in some countries homosexuality is illegal.


The Middle East is easily reached by air with Dubai being a transport hub. From Dubai it is easy to reach the other countries in the Middle East. Doha and Istanbul also have international flight centers. Within the region it is easy to travel by taxis. Some taxis may have meters and others may charge a set fare for given routes. It is possible to use public transport in some areas but schedules may be erratic.

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