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As you fly into to Cairo, Egypt one will be left speechless as they look out the window and see the contrast of the setting. Out one side of the plane, you can see the vast arid desert which seems to be never ending; out the other side of the plane you see a busy city which looks like a modern day Oasis. Travelers from all over the world have been marveling at Egypt's wondrous antiquities for thousands of years. Although these antiquities still exist today, a visit to Cairo, Egypt is more than an immersion into the past but also encompasses many modern day amenities which anyone will be sure to enjoy.

Just walking around downtown and in the older residential parts inside the wall of the city where craftsmen work on the sidewalks outside their homes is also a real pleasure. It is easy to meet real Cairenes that are eager to discuss anything with you. Some of them try to lure you into their carpetshop; others are really interested and interesting to talk with.

If you are hungry make sure to try the most popular Egyptian food, Koshray. Koshray is a traditional Egyptian meal that can be found in Egyptian restaurants and consists of a delectable combination of macaroni, spaghetti, rice, black lentils, chick peas, garlic sauce and a spicy tomato chili sauce, all topped with fried onions.

A visit to the pyramids and the Sphinx is a must, since these Egyptian icons are living and existing marks for the fascinating history that Egypt carries and is proud of. Just be aware for the aggressive Egyptian friendliness overthere from camel drivers or policemen who try to earn a few Egyptian pounds from you (they call it bahshis, a tip). Just ask a friendly tourist to assist you in making a picture from you and you will not leave the pyramids with an irritated feeling about this Egyptian earning strategy. While in the city make sure you visit the museum first before going to see pyramids. You will appreciate more to the culture of ancient Egypt. It is advice not to make the pyramid visits on Fridays due to mass at noon time 12-13. The pyramids are closed during the time period.

Cairo, historical and unique city, combines old city and modern city. I enjoyed a lot traveling around this city. One of the most surprising things for me, a Japanese traveler, is the price which is not fixed from taxi to a bottle of water. So I had to ask the price first and start negociating for discount. To me who traveled many countries, people in Cairo is the hardest negociator for free traveler. I was very tired. But still, Cairo is worth to go, I think, because of its historical heritage.


The US State Department has issued a travel warning against travel to Egypt and has asked US citizens there to depart.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the German Auswärtiges Amt (AA) "advise against all but essential travel to (...) some Governorates in Egypt." Nearly all western governments say that the Red Sea tourist resorts are not a problem.

Travel through Cairo Airport is not affected as according to AA the airport operates normal and is well secured. However, note that a curfew is enforced in Cairo. Expect to be checked on the road travelling on the road from Cairo airport to your destination. Make sure that you have your passport and tickets to hand. Check your airline for more details.

Observe local media and liaise with your hotel or host in order to avoid any protests or gathering.


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